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Sir Francise Drake Blvd. MP 20.97 Slide Repair Project

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Sir Francise Drake Blvd. MP 20.97 Slide Repair Project

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Olema, Marin County, CA

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06/06/2024 at 14:00

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Owner: County of Marin
Bid Date & Time: 5/02/24 @ 2:00 PM
Project: #2019-22 " Sir Francise Drake Blvd. MP 20.97 Slide Repair Project

Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc. is seeking certified DBE subcontractors, suppliers & truckers for construction (two separate cast-in-drilled-hole concrete retaining walls w/ pile cap & tiebacks; wall 1 - approximately 101 ft in length, wall 2 - approximately 148 ft in length; culvert replacement rock slope protection, roadway paving) on Sir Francise Drake Blvd. MP 20.97. Quotes requested include, but are not limited to, the following scopes of work: MATERIAL SUPPLY, CONSTRUCTION AREA SIGNS, TRAFFIC CONTROL, TEMPORARY K RAIL, CLEAR & GRUB, ROADWAY EXCAVATION, STRUCTURE EXCAVATION, STRUCTURE BACKFILL, HYDROSEED, EROSION CONTROL, AGGREGATE BASE, ASPHALT PAVING, CIDH PILES, STRUCTURAL CONCRETE, ROCK SLOPE PROTECTION, METAL RAILING, SURVEYOR, SWPPP PLANNING, SWEEPER, TRUCKER, STORM DRAIN/ SEWER (UNDERGROUND), GROUND ANCHOR & PIPELINER. Engineer's Estimate: $1,400,000 / DBE Goal: 16% / 50 WD / $4,200 per calendar day LD. Submit quotes by Noon on bid date. Contact our estimator for more information. GCC is available to discuss breaking out any portion of work to encourage minority participation.

Mr. Joe Armenta (707/800-5246 or joea@ghilotti.com) is the Estimator for this project and is available to provide you with assistance to clarify any questions regarding the scope of work, including interpretation of plans, specifications and requirements, bid preparation and obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance and any technical assistance. GCC may also assist in obtaining any necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related services. (Please note: GCC may require Payment & Performance Bonds on all sub-contracts over $25,000 per Ca. Public Contract Code Sect. 4108. GCC will pay bond premiums up to 1 ½% of contract cost. GCC is a UNION CONTRACTOR. Any non-signatory subcontractors will be required to sign an agreement for trades covered under our agreements.)

Plans, specifications and project requirements may be reviewed at our office in Santa Rosa. They may also be downloaded for free through the County of Marin Bid Express Home Page website at https://www.bidexpress.com/businesses/53528/home?agency=true. Plans may also be viewed or purchased through local plan rooms, builder’s exchanges, or Dodge Scan. Ghilotti Construction Company encourages the use of minority and women subcontractors and suppliers and considers such to be an important aspect of the project.

Project Requirements: By submitting a proposal, the bidder affirms that they have carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/Addenda and that from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location of the work.
Subcontract Requirements: Subcontractors will be required to execute GCC’s written subcontract. A copy is available for inspection on GCC’s website: https://www.ghilotti.com/subcontractors/ and/or can be provided upon written request prior to bid submission. By submitting your bid, you agree that all Inconsistent Terms and Conditions contained in your bid shall be disregarded and the Terms and Conditions of the GCC standard subcontract shall control. “Inconsistent Terms and Conditions” is defined as any terms and conditions that may be attached to your bid other than the price and scope that are inconsistent or conflict with the Terms and Conditions of GCC’s standard subcontract.

Union: GCC is a UNION CONTRACTOR. Non-signatory subcontractors will be required to sign an agreement for trades covered under our agreements.
• All bids must include compliance with GCC’s Addendum A, located at: https://www.ghilotti.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Addendum-A-Revised-3-2022.pdf
• CGL limits of $5,000,000/occurrence at a minimum (depending on scope)
• GCC and Owner must be named as additional insured on CGL & Auto policies (form CG 20 10 11/85 or equivalent)
• Completed operations coverage
• Primary and non-contributory wording
• Waiver of subrogation on both CGL & WC policies
• Any additional costs to meet this requirement must be included in bid pricing.


PH: (707) 585-1221 * FX: (707) 585-1601

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