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City of Turlock announces 2021-2023 DBE goals

CA News - Published Jul 28, 2021

The City of Turlock has announced its disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) participation goal for federally-assisted projects for fiscal years 2021 through 2023. The City is anticipating three projects allocated through the Federal Transit Adminstration (FTA) during that period, representing an estimated $12.7 million in federal funds. The City has set the DBE participation goal for the period at 3.6 percent, using entirely race-neutral methods. Over the prior three years, the City attained a mean DBE participation of 5.19 percent.

The City's Goal and Methodology document may be read at http://www.turlocktransit.com/uploads/5/6/5/9/56594837/turlock_dbe_goal_methodology_fy_2021-23_v5.pdf. The City's DBE page may be found at https://www.turlocktransit.com/dbe.html.