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City of Alexandria M/WBE disparity study begins survey process

LA News - Published Sep 01, 2020

Business owners in and around the City of Alexandria have been urged by Alexandria Mayor Jeffery W. Hall to be on the ready to receive calls from Customer Research International (CRI), which will be seeking to collect information for a minority- and women-owned business (M/WBE) contracting disparity study commissioned by the City. The study will form the legal basis for new targeted business program measures that the City may adopt in order to remedy potential disparities in contracting.

Other portions of the study have been ongoing since February of 2020. The draft report is expected to be distributed for public review and comment in early 2021 prior to the projected study completion in March 2021. Additional methods for submitting feedback on experiences with contracting with the City of Alexandria are listed at https://www.keenindependent.com/alexandrialadisparitystudy/, on Keen Independent Research's page for the study (Keen has been commissioned to conduct the study).

"The goal of this study is to help us do a better job of making our opportunities available to more local businesses," said Mayor Hall in a statement.