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City of DeSoto passes diversity vendor resolution

TX News - Published Aug 06, 2020

The City of DeSoto is aiming to a "Diversity Vendor" utilization rate in procurement of twenty percent. In service of this goal, the DeSoto City Council has passed a resolution in service of increasing opportunities for Diversity Vendors, including minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs), small businesses (SBEs), and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs). 

The measures included to increase Diversity Vendor participation include:

  • Conducting outreach activities to Diversity Vendors to communicate about bid opportunities, including by contacting at least two Diversity Vendors on City purchases between $3,000 and $24,999.99;
  • Attaching verification documents to all bids above $25,000 which must be submitted to ascertain Diversity Vendor status;
  • Reserving the right to accept appropriate Diversity Vendor certifications from other certifying agencies or organizations; and
  • Supporting a grant program for Diversity Vendors to help them increase capacity and capability.