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Denver City Council approves five-year-renewal of MWBE equity program

CO News - Published Apr 20, 2020

The Denver City Council approved a five-year-renewal of the equity program for small, local minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs). The equity program is run through the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) and aims to both prevent discrimination and positively improve opportunities and equity for MWBEs in city procurement. The renewal will go into effect on May 2nd, 2020.

Activities performed by the DSBO include contract monitoring to ensure compliance with legal obligations around MWBE utilization, assigning participation goals on city projects, granting certification and maintaining certification directories, providing training and outreach, and more.

"This program embodies our city’s long-term commitment to using our public investment to support a more equitable and just marketplace for all companies," said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. "Creating more opportunities for more businesses to create more jobs and better support their workers, especially now with the impacts of COVID-19, is an important part of building resiliency into our economy and helping all companies grow and thrive."

Learn more about the DSBO's M/WBE program at https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-office-of-economic-development/do-business-with-denver.html.