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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools updating Contractor/Supplier Database

NC News - Published Jul 08, 2019

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in North Carolina is currently in the process of updating their Contractor/Supplier Databases, and is requesting that businesses interested in doing procurement work for CMS fill out and return Vendor Profile forms. Businesses that do so will continue to receive updates and news from CMS regarding upcoming contract opportunities and outreach sessions, and will continue to be listed in the relevant directories. The deadline for returning a completed Vendor Profile form to CMS is August 1st, 2019. Companies that are certified as MWSBEs are asked to attach documentation proving their certification status along with the Vendor Profile form. Companies that do not return such a form to CMS are at risk of being deleted from the relevant database if they are continuously unable to be reached at previously provided contact methods.

Companies in need of a Vendor Profile form or who have questions related to CMS databases may contact Stacey Moretti (stacey.moretti@cms.k12.nc.us or 980-343-6856) or Jason Deans (jasonn.deans@cms.k12.nc.us or 980-343-8600) at CMS.