Virginia SWAM Program

The program summary on this page was last updated on 10/10/2019. If any of the information or links are out-of-date, please contact us.

The Commonwealth of Virginia maintains the Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) certification program, with the goal of encouraging SWaM businesses to participate in state-funded projects. There is typically an interval of 60 business days between application and application resolution (note that the interval is measured in business days rather than calendar days). Businesses under certain defined size may also be designated a SWaM Micro Business; all state purchases under $10,000 will be set aside for SWaM Micro Businesses if the price quoted is fair and reasonable.

Does this local/state program offer reciprocal certifications with other local/state programs? Out-of-state businesses applying for SWaM certification in Virginia must possess a comparable certification in their home state before applying. The reciprocal granting of SWaM certification in such a circumstance is not automatic. More details (including comparable certifications by state) can be reviewd at https://www.sbsd.virginia.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Out-of-State-Policy-Revised-November-3-20172018.pdf. 

Does this certification expire? Certification lasts for a period of five years. It can be renewed before it expires.

Does this program require bidders attempt to make a good-faith effort to meet participation goals? There is a 42% goal on state purchasing from SWaMs in effect. Methods for attaining this goal are specified in more detail by Virginia.

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