San Diego SLBE Program

The program summary on this page was last updated on 03/27/2018. If any of the information or links are out-of-date, please contact us.

The City of San Diego encourages the participation of small local businesses through its Small Local Business Enterprises (SLBEs) certification program. As a certified SLBE, a company can take advantage of bid preferences, bid discounts, and restrictive bidding on city procurements. Additionally, the city requires prime contractors make a good faith effort to subcontract a certain percentage of a contract award to SLBE firms. Businesses interested in becoming SLBE can do so exclusively online.

Does this certification expire? Certification is valid for two years, after which re-certification must be applied for.

Does this program require bidders attempt to make a good-faith effort to meet participation goals? Yes. Documentation required to establish a good-faith effort is specified in detail by the program.

How do I get re-certified? Re-certification is performed entirely online, through the same portal by which certification is accomplished, linked below.

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