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Minnesota DBE Program

The program summary on this page was last updated on 06/08/2018. If any of the information or links are out-of-date, please contact us.

The Minnesota Uniform Certification Program (MnUCP) oversees the certification of all the firms that are listed as part of the Minnesota Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. Applicants wishing to be certified as DBEs, as part of the MnUCP, may apply to any of: the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), the Metropolitan Council, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, or the City of Minneapolis. The MnDOT Office of Civil Rights administers the DBE Program and decides on the DBE participation goal for applicable projects. Once a firm is certified as a DBE, a good faith effort must be made to include those firms in applicable projects. A variety of opportunities in the realm of workshops, seminars, and other services are also available to certified DBEs.

Does this certification expire? DBEs must submit a no-change affidavit on an annual basis in order for their certification to remain valid.

Are there multiple agencies that offer this certification in the state? The certifying agencies that participate in the Minnesota Uniform Certification Program are the City of Minneapolis, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Metropolitan Council, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Does this program require bidders attempt to make a good-faith effort to meet participation goals? Bidders must make a good-faith effort to meet the DBE participation goal on projects for which such a goal has been set.

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