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Landmark Research Group LLC

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Barbara Dyvig

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Project Name
Trinity Metro Real Estate Appraisal Services RFP

Bid/Contract #

Awarding Agency
Fort Worth Transportation Authority

Project Location
Forth Worth, Tarrant County, TX

Bid Date
02/20/2020 at 02:00

Project Details
1. Purpose and Description

Trinity Metro is seeking proposals from qualified vendors for real estate appraisal services. The intent of this RFP is to award one or more contracts to the most qualified vendors to provide professional, unbiased opinions of real estate market values and to review such opinions for projects Trinity Metro may have. The successful proposer(s) are to inspect and analyze specific commercial, residential and/or industrial properties or corridor, for the sale or purchase of fee and as well as easement interests.

2. Scope of Services

The successful proposer(s) must be licensed by the State of Texas, hold the Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) designation and possess the necessary credentials to complete Federal Transit Administration (FTA) compliant appraisals and review appraisals.

Proposers must possess the necessary knowledge to complete Federal Transit Administration (FTA) compliant appraisals, ensuring they meet the requirements found in The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, codified as 42 USC Chapter 61 (the "Uniform Act") and 49 CFR Part 24. This is to be demonstrated by providing evidence of examples of proposer's work, appraisals, and review appraisals that were compliant with the Uniform Act and accepted by a federal or federally funded agency.

The successful proposer will provide appraisal reports to Trinity Metro and all reports must include the following:
Credible estimate of value based on three approaches: market, cost, and income.
Client and other intended users.
Intended use of the report.
Purpose of the assignment.
The type of value reported and the definition of the value reported.
Effective date of appraiser's opinions and conclusions.
Relevant property characteristics, including location attributes, physical attributes, legal attributes, economic attributes, the real property interest valued, and Non real estate items to be included in the appraisal, i.e., personal property, trade fixtures and intangible items.
All known easements, restrictions, encumbrances, leases, reservations, covenants, contracts, declarations, special assessments, ordinances, and other items of a similar nature.
Division of interest, such as fractional interest, physical segment and partial holding.
Scope of work used to complete the assignment.
Appraisals and reviews must be compliant with 49 CFR. In communicating a report, the successful provider must ensure:
Information analysis utilized in the appraisal was appropriate.
Significant errors of omission or commission were not committed individually or collectively.
Appraisal services were arms-length and not rendered in a careless, biased or negligent manner.
A credible, supportable appraisal report was communicated.

Proposers must include in their submittal the following:
Copy of current MAI certification.

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Outreach Coordinator
Barbara Dyvig

(949) 497-7600

(000) 000-0000

33971 Selva Rd., Suite 230
Dana Point, CA 92629