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Schiavone Construction Co. LLC

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Colleens Connors-Casenta

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Project Name
Raritan River Bridge Replacement Project Bridge Approach Spans, Lift Bridge & Flanking Spans Piers, & Associated Land Work

Bid/Contract #
GC.001 / 20.005X

Awarding Agency
NJ Transit

Project Location
Perth Amboy & South Amboy, Middlesex County County, NJ

Bid Date
02/20/2020 at 14:00

Project Details
Duration: 51 Months
DBE Goal: 4% Race Conscious

Lane Schiavone Raritan 1 JV will be submitting a bid for the Raritan River Bridge Replacement - General Construction Contract (GC.01)

The Raritan River Bridge Project (Raritan) will construct a new railway bridge spanning the Raritan River between Perth Amboy and South Amboy, New Jersey, in Middlesex County. It is the intent of New Jersey Transit to issue the work for this project across three (3) separate contracts.

The scope of work under this contract (General Construction Contract (GC.01)) is briefly described as, but not limited to, the following:

Structural Work:

The Structural work consists of the construction of all substructures, superstructures and retaining walls along the new track alignment. Some items which make up the structural and foundation work are:
1) 8' diameter drilled shaft foundations including trial, demonstration and production shafts
2) Cast-In-Place concrete lift piers, bent piers, quad piers and abutments
3) Structural steel superstructure including a refuge platform, deck drains and conduit supports
4) Bearings
5) Associated railings and gratings
6) Cast-In-Place concrete retaining walls
7) Steel sheet piling retaining walls
8) 24" diameter concrete filled pipe piles for retaining wall and bridge abutment supports
9) Soldier piles and precast concrete panels

Ground Improvement Work:

1) Geosynthetic Reinforced Load Transfer Platform
2) Concrete Load Transfer Platform
3) Composite king pile and steel sheet pile excavation support system
4) Concrete Column Support Embankment
5) Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring as well as Vibration Monitoring

Civil Work:

1) Construct new temporary and permanent access roads, driveways and other access means
2) Provide maintenance and protection of traffic for Perth Amboy and South Amboy roadways affected by the project
3) Resurface and re-stripe existing roadways affected by the project
4) Construct earthwork, grading, and demolition necessary to facilitate construction of the new railroad infrastructure
5) Construct embankment and surcharge and install instrumentation required to consolidate poor underlying soils
6) Relocate and construct new utilities, including electric service pole lines and drops
7) Construct drainage ditches, swales, structures and erosion and sedimentation controls
8) Clearing and Grubbing
9) Construct fencing and gates
10) Construct steel stairways to track level
11) Construct outdoor and emergency lighting
12) Furnish and install compacted railroad subballast and compacted railroad ballast pad, including ballast mat on bridge approach spans

Signal/Communications/Traction Power/Catenary Work:

1) Contractor shall supply 100 Hz and 60 Hz power to the signal equipment
2) Temporary transfer of existing 6.9kV Signal Power to the newly constructed OCS structures
3) Furnish and install all conduits, cabinets, splice boxes, ductbanks, precast concrete pull boxes, manholes and camera towers for the Communication Systems and Subsystems
4) Furnish and install Communication Houses at Perth and Essay
5) Various Traction Power work including, but not limited to modifying the existing Traction Power facilities at NJ Transit's South Amboy Substation #33 to feed the new catenary alignment, snow melters, 100 Hz signal power, 60 Hz signal power, interlocking equipment and interlocking lighting
6) Catenary System work including, but not limited to location and installation of new catenary poles and anchor foundations, fabrication and installation of structural steel poles, cross-beams and associated supporting steel work, modification of existing steel catenary supporting structures, relocation of existing facilities, installation of miscellaneous new structural steel attachments, wire guys and strands, hardware and fittings and installation of new hardware and insulated catenary supporting assemblies

SUBCONTRACTING & MATERIAL SUPPLY OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDE, but are not limited to, the following: Trucking/Hauling, Barge & Tug Boat Services, Asbestos Removal, Removal & Disposal of Hazardous Materials, Asphalt Paving, Traffic Control Items and Maintenance, Clearing, Landscaping, Excavation/Grading, Geotextiles, Aggregates, Pipe, Drainage Structures, Storm Drainage, Lab Testing, Vibration Monitoring, Underdrain/Subdrain, Bridge Barrier/Concrete Barrier, Guiderail, Fencing & Gates, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Misc. Concrete Flatwork, Precast Concrete, Seeding, Erosion Control, Junction Boxes, Lighting/Electrical, Signs, Jack & Bore, Drilled Shafts, Railroad Electrical Work, Pile Testing, H-Piles, Sheet Piles, Reinforcing Steel, Rebar Tying, Structural Steel, Elastomeric Bearing Pads, Expansion Joints, Bridge Painting, Bridge Metallizing, Metal Stairs, Steel Railing, Steel Grating, Membrane Waterproofing, Ballast, Ballast Mats, and Other Bridge Related Items.

All proposals must include: Bid Item Numbers; Addenda's; Copy of NJ UCP DBE Certificate, Copy of NJ Public Works Contractor Registration; Copy of NJ Business Registration Certificate

Please provide a price proposal to Furnish/Install or Supply your scope or supply of work including but not limited to work and jobsite delivery; all in accordance with and conforming to the project contract documents and additional requirements necessary to complete the work as specified herein. The referenced work scope shall also be performed to comply with the requirements of the project schedule, Milestones, including work staging and phasing, work restrictions and constraints, site access conditions and be coordinated with all other aspects of the project.

Please email your Proposals and Scopes no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, January 24, 2019 to:
- Brad Saver (NJBids@laneconstruct.com)
- Colleen Connors-Casenta (cconnors@schiavone.net)
- Ryan Mliczek (rmliczek@schiavone.net)

Please advise what work you are coded for along with description.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to cconnors@schiavone.net.

Schiavone is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Colleens Connors-Casenta

(201) 867-5070 Ext. 7136

(000) 000-0000

150 Meadowlands Parkway, 2nd Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094