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Skanska Ames Joint Venture (SAJV)

Is seeking qualified DBEs

Outreach Coordinator
Sunny Medrano

(951) 204-1307

(866) 401-0599

(866) 401-0599
Corona, CA 92881

Project Name
I15 Express Lanes Project

Bid/Contract #
8 - Roadside Signs (All Types)

Awarding Agency
RCTC / Skanska Ames, JV

Project Location
Corona, Riverside County, CA

Bid Date
09/04/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

Bid Package No. 8 - Roadside Signs (All Types)
RFP Out to Bid Date: August 21st, 2019
Bids Due Date and Time: September 4th, 2019 at 2:00 pm
Award Determination Date by: September 11th, 2019
INSTALL: 237310

Project Owner: Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)
Awarded Design Build Contractor: Skanska-Ames, A Joint Venture
Contract No.: 16-31-057-00
Website: www.skanska-ames.com

Skanska-Ames, a Joint Venture (SAJV) is interested in soliciting in Good Faith all subcontractors as well as certified DBE subcontractors related to the scope of work listed below for the I-15 Design Build Express Lanes Project. SAJV intends to issue a Subcontract Agreement to the selected Best Value / Responsive Bidder for scope identified in the bidding documents.
Roadside Signs (All Types)
Subcontractor's Scope
SAJV is soliciting proposals for the fabrication, delivery and installation of Roadside Signs (All types). A detailed scope of work, instructions to bidders, contract documents, and other project documents are included in the bidding documents included in Building Connected. Once a Best Value Bidder has been selected they will receive an offer to enter into a Subcontract Agreement. All work will be performed in strict accordance with Owner Specifications, the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement between SAJV and the successful bidder, and all policies and procedures associated with the subject Project, and all applicable Local, State and Federal laws and requirements. Please reference the bid documents for the full list of scope and bid requirements. The selected Best Value / Responsive Bidder for this bid package will be offered a Subcontract Agreement for the performance of this work.

All Bids and all requested backup documents are to be submitted by the bids due date and time and must be submitted electronically through Building Connected "Proposal" module where you can upload electronic files. Submittal of late bids may be acceptable at SAJV's discretion based on circumstances.

Award determination of the selected Best Value Bidder for this bid package will be made by end of business on Award Determination Date listed for this Bid Package. No public announcement of the bid results will be made, the selected Bidder will be contacted and extended an offer for a Subcontract Agreement by the Award Determination Date.

Project Description:
Skanska-Ames Joint Venture is the design-builder for the referenced project. This project will provide development of an express lane network on Interstate 15 in Riverside County. The express lanes will be constructed between post mile (PM) 36.8 and PM 51.4, a distance of approximately 14.6 miles. The purpose of the project is to improve existing and future traffic operations and mainline travel times, expand travel choice, increase travel time reliability, and expand the express lanes network. The lane improvements will be located within Riverside County, and run through the cities of Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and Jurupa Valley as well as portions of unincorporated Riverside County. All proposed improvements involving addition of two express lanes each way will be constructed within the existing Caltrans right-of-way; the majority of the improvements will occur within the existing I-15 median. The project encompasses median paving and construction of 11 bridge widening's, 5 retaining walls, 8 sound walls, 15 overhead sign structures, and a number of specialty light poles.

Required Documents for a Responsive Bid:

The following documents are to be turned in with all responsive bids:
Competitive Pricing in the requested format (alternate pricing scenarios from bidders will be evaluated)
Subcontractor Pre-Registration Form (form provided in "Files" within Building Connected)
Bidder Consent Form and any attachments identifying your proposed exceptions to the scope or boilerplate contract. (Consent form is provided in "Files" within Building Connected)
List of Projects performed with Skanska or Ames.
Subcontractor Management Plan (form provided in "Files" within Building Connected)
Subcontractor Safety Plan
Submittal of all the above requested information and documents will expedite the bid selection, award, and execution of a subcontract agreement.

Instructions to Bidders:
Access the link received via email to access the bid documents in Building Connected and indicate your bidding status: "Bidding", "Not Bidding", or "Undecided" if selecting undecided, please make sure to update your status immediately upon your determination if you will be bidding or not prior to the bid due date. You will need to select one of the options in order to continue or not to continue to receive communications specific to the bid, including any addendum or revised instructions that may be issued.
Submit a competitive bid by the bid due date and time through BuildingConnected.
Contract Documents and Bid Materials are accessible in BuildingConnected through the link you will receive via email from buildingconnected.com, please check your junk or spam folders if you have not received an invitation to the bid in your email inbox. If there are any difficulties in accessing the bid documents through Building Connected, please first reference the provided Building Connected User Manual for assistance, if still having trouble please contact Sunny Medrano for assistance. Bid Materials may also be provided at the project site if necessary.
Ensure all requested documents are included with your bid and uploaded into Building Connected.
All RFI's and electronic communications should be sent to SAJV through Building Connected's messaging module.
Any RFI's you wish to remain confidential should be labeled as such. SAJV may share and publically answer any RFI's not labeled as confidential.
Any confidential innovations or ATCs included in your proposal must be labeled as such. SAJV may share publically and request other bidders to price any innovations not labeled as confidential.
A BuildingConnected User Guide is provided to assist in asking RFI's, accessing files, and submitting bids.
DBE participation is highly encouraged to meet the Project Goal of 10%. If your Company is not a certified DBE, then minimum of 10% lower tier DBE participation is required, or provide Good Faith Effort documentation of all advertisements for requests for DBE quotes and communications. If bidder is proposing DBE participation for material, ensure that supplier has appropriate NAICS code for manufacturing or wholesale.
Pricing and Production information provided by Bidders WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL by SAJV and only used for bid analysis and Best Value selection purposes.
Assistance: The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE) for the Project. Skanska-Ames Joint Venture is committed to assisting RCTC to attain their DBE goal of 10% for the Work. Qualifying DBEs must provide evidence of being registered with the State of California's DBE program. Likewise, Skanska-Ames Joint Venture is desirous of all its lower-tier firms to seek-out opportunity in their scope of work for participation by other lower-tier DBE firms whenever possible. RCTC recognizes the DBE certifications from the below-noted certifying entities:

California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and with applicable NAICS codes for the requested scope of work.

All DBE firms must submit current certifications with your bid
The website to use to find your certification is http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/bep/find_certified.htm. In addition to the proper certification, DBE's must also meet a Commercially Useful Function.

SAJV will assist qualified subcontractors, vendors, & suppliers in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials and/or supplies. If you are a DBE Company, please provide your certification letter with your proposal. If you are a non-DBE, please indicate all lower-tier participation on your quotation as it will be evaluated with your price. In order to assist DBE subcontractors and suppliers, bid packages may be divided into smaller packages, tasks or quantities & establish delivery & construction schedules whenever feasible to permit maximum DBE participation.

Subcontracting Requirements:
SAJV's insurance requirements are Commercial General Liability (GL): $1M ea. occ., $1M personal injury, $2M products & completed operations agg. & general agg.; $1M Auto Liability; $5M Excess/Umbrella and $1M Workers Comp. Endorsements and waivers required are the Additional Insured End., Primary Wording End., & a Waiver of Subrogation (GL & WC). Other insurance requirements may be necessary per scope or RFP requirement. All responsive subcontractors must possess acceptable insurance and a valid California Contractor's License. Subcontractors performing any onsite work must be signatory to the appropriate project labor agreements / unions. All agreements issued on behalf of this project must go through a Safety Pre-Qualification Application requirement.

Skanska-Ames, a Joint Venture is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

EEO/AA/Vet/Disability Employer

Project Site Location: Corona, CA 92881 - Email: I-15.bids@skanskaames.com

The requirements and terms are outlined in the detailed bid package included on buildingconnected.com

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Sunny Medrano

(951) 204-1307

(866) 401-0599

(866) 401-0599
Corona, CA 92881