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Thompson Builders Corporation

Is seeking qualified DVBEs, SBEs, SB/DVBE

Outreach Coordinator
Sharyn Mitchell

(415) 456-8972

(415) 459-0665

250 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard, Building A
Novato, CA 94949

Project Name
Candlestick Point State Recreation Area / Yosemite Slough North Shoreline Park Improvements

Bid/Contract #
No. C18E0035

Awarding Agency
State of California, Natural Resources Agency, Department of Parks and Recreation

Project Location
San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA

Bid Date
04/17/2019 at 14:00

Project Details
THOMPSON BUILDERS CORPORATION is requesting SB/DVBE bids from subcontractors, suppliers & truckers for the following project.

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area
Owner: State of California Department of Parks and Recreation
Bid Date: 4/10/2019 @ 2:00 PM Estimate: $3,500,000-$5,000,000

Seeking SB/DVBE subcontractors/suppliers/truckers. TRADES NEEDED (but not limited to):

Section 024100 Demolition
Section 031000 Concrete Formwork
Section 031013 Site Concrete Formwork
Section 032000 Concrete Reinforcing
Section 032500 Drilled Dowels and Anchors in Resin
Section 032550 Expansion Anchors
Section 033000 Site Cast-in-Place Concrete
Section 033010 Cast-in-Place Concrete
Section 033600 Concrete Polishing System
Section 042200 Concrete Masonry Units - Reinforced
Section 051000 Structural Steel
Section 051213 Site Structural Steel Framing
Section 055000 Metal Fabrications
Section 055013 Site Metal Fabrications
Section 055213 Tube Railings
Section 055220 Cable Railing System
Section 060710 Pressure-Treated Wood Products
Section 061000 Rough Carpentry
Section 061013 Site Rough Carpentry
Section 061500 Wood Decking
Section 061800 Glue-Laminated Construction
Section 062000 Finish Carpentry
Section 064000 Architectural Woodwork
Section 071300 Sheet Waterproofing
Section 072100 Thermal Insulation
Section 072613 Weather Resistive Barriers (WRB)
Section 073100 Asphalt Shingle Roofing
Section 074646 Fiber-Cement Panel
Section 076000 Flashing and Sheet Metal
Section 076100 Sheet Metal Roofing
Section 076526 Self-Adhered Sheet Flashing
Section 079200 Joint Sealants
Section 081100 Hollow Stainless Steel Doors and Frames
Section 081116 Aluminum Storefront and Entrances
Section 081416 Wood Doors
Section 083400 Overhead Coiling Grilles
Section 084523 Insulated Translucent Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Wall System
Section 087100 Finish Hardware
Section 088100 Glazing
Section 089000 Louvers and Vents
Section 092116 Gypsum Board Assemblies
Section 092216 Light Gauge Metal Framing
Section 092400 Lath and Plaster
Section 093013 Ceramic Tile
Section 095125 Wood Panel Ceiling
Section 099100 Painting
Section 099650 Surface Protection Coating
Section 101116 Visual Display Boards
Section 101400 Signs
Section 102813 Toilet Room Accessories
Section 115200 Audio Visual Equipment
Section 220130 Common Work Results for Plumbing
Section 220553 Identification for Plumbing Piping and Equipment
Section 221005 Plumbing Piping
Section 221006 Plumbing Piping Specialties
Section 223000 Plumbing Equipment
Section 224000 Plumbing Fixtures
Section 230500 Common Work Results for HVAC
Section 230548 Vibration and Seismic Controls for HVAC Piping and Equipment
Section 230553 Identification for HVAC Piping and Equipment
Section 230593 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing for HVAC
Section 230713 Duct Insulation
Section 233100 HVAC Ducts and Casings
Section 233300 Air Duct Accessories
Section 233423 Power Ventilators
Section 233700 Air Outlets and Inlets
Section 238127 Small Split-System Heating and Cooling
Section 260519 Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables
Section 260526 Grounding and Bonding for Electrical Systems
Section 260529 Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems
Section 260534 Conduit
Section 260537 Boxes
Section 260553 Identification for Electrical Systems
Section 260914 Electrical Sensing and Measurement
Section 260923 Lighting Control Devices
Section 260924 Network Lighting Controls
Section 262100 Low-Voltage Electrical Service Entrance
Section 262416 Panelboards
Section 262717 Equipment Wiring
Section 262726 Wiring Devices
Section 262813 Fuses
Section 262818 Enclosed Switches
Section 265100 Interior Lighting
Section 265600 Exterior Lighting
Section 271005 Structured Cabling for Voice and Data - Inside-Plant
Section 275117 Public Address Systems
Section 275314 Clock System
Section 283100 Fire Detection Alarm
Section 311100 Site Protections
Section 311233 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
Section 312200 Grading
Section 312333 Trenching and Backfilling
Section 312500 Erosion and Sediment Control
Section 316223 Torque Down Pile Foundation System
Section 321123 Aggregate Base
Section 321216 Asphaltic Concrete Paving
Section 321313 Concrete Mow Band
Section 321413.13 Concrete Pavers
Section 321613 Concrete Curbs, Gutters, and Walks
Section 321723 Pavement Specialties
Section 323129 Split Rail Fence
Section 327770 Aggregate Paving
Section 328000 Irrigation System
Section 329222 Hydro-Seeding
Section 329300 Plants
Section 330500 Utility Structures
Section 331116 Site Water Distribution System
Section 333000 Site Sanitary Sewerage System
Section 334000 Site Drainage System
Section 334727 Bioretention Soils

Please submit bids to us by noon on bid day.

*No contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal for a public works project (submitted on or after March 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code section 1771.1(a)] *No contractor or subcontractor may be awarded a contract for public work on a public works project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5. *This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations.

We are signatory to both the Carpenters Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Laborers Collective Bargaining Agreement. Certification of insurance for General Liability and Workers' Compensation are required. A Waiver of Subrogation will also be required with all Subcontract Agreements. Subcontractors' faithful performance and payment bonds in the amount of the subcontract price will be required. Reasonable market rate bond premium will be reimbursed by Thompson Builders Corporation.

TBC is willing to discuss breaking down bid items into economically feasible units for minority participation. Our estimating department is available for assistance with bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, supplies and/or materials. The Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov ), the California Dept. of General Services (www.dgs.ca.gov) and U.S. Dept. of Transportation Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (www.osdbu.dot.gov ) may also be able to offer financial assistance and/or information regarding insurance and bonding. Plans and specifications may be viewed at various local Builder's Exchanges, in our office at 250 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Bldg. A, Novato, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Plans and specifications may be emailed upon request or downloaded from the following link: https://tpcorp.box.com/s/rdtymrjzdikwjz2tu8wa7uksqtiobrwo

Thompson Builders Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact: Sharyn Mitchell (415) 456-8972 FAX: (415) 459-0665
EMAIL: sharynm@tbcorp.com

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Sharyn Mitchell

(415) 456-8972

(415) 459-0665

250 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard, Building A
Novato, CA 94949