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Outreach Coordinator
Colleen Connors-Casenta

(201) 867-5070 Ext. 7136

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150 Meadowlands Parkway, 2nd Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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Project Name
Bridge Deck Reconstruction and Misc. Structural Improvements, Structures Nos. No. 28A, No. 75, N2.01W, N2.01 and N2.01E Milepost N0. 00 to N6.00

Bid/Contract #

Awarding Agency
NJ Turnpike Authority

Project Location
Newark, Jersey City & Bayonne, Hudson & Essex County, NJ

Bid Date
01/08/2019 at 11:00

Project Details
Current Public Works Contractor Registration and Business Registration Act must be submitted with your proposal
Please reference BID ITEM NUMBERS and ACKNOWLEDGE ALL ADDENDA'S on your proposal for consideration.
Please provide current references along with your EMR (Safety rating).
Please provide a price proposal to Furnish/Install or Supply your scope or supply of work including but not limited to work and jobsite delivery; all in accordance with and conforming to the project contract documents and additional requirements necessary to complete the work as specified herein. The referenced work scope shall also be performed to comply with the requirements of the project schedule, Milestones, including work staging and phasing, work restrictions and constraints, site access conditions and be coordinated with all other aspects of the project.

A copy of the Subcontract/Purchase Order ("Agreement") your firm will be required to execute if awarded the contract can be found on the below FTP Site. You must base your bid upon the contractual terms and conditions as they are reflected in the Agreement, without amendment. The upstream contractual environment on the Project is demanding and the Joint Venture will not entertain revisions to the contractual boilerplate, which should instead be reflected in your bid price.
Disciplines of work but not limited to: Surveying; CPM; Clearing and Grubbing; Roadway Excavation, Earth; Embankment; Stone; Temporary Soil and Dust Control; Temporary Fencing; Aggregate; Asphalt; Berm Surfacing; Concrete Base Course: Pavement Removal And Surface Milling; Rebar Material and Installation; Sawcut Grooved Deck; Shear Connectors; Structural Steel; Elastomeric Bearings; Repainting Steelwork; Scuppers; Drainage Pipe; Removal and Disposal of Concrete Deck; Spall Repair; Joint Seal Replacement; Deck Joint Reconstruction; Flatwork; Floorbeams, Girder, Stringer Repairs; Jacking; MPT; Barriers; Guide Rails; Rub Rail; Traffic Stripping; Traffic Lines; Field Office Trailer; Rumble Strips; Electrical Subcontractor; Landscape Contractor; MPT Devices; Maintenance and Protection of Maine Traffic;

Read only access: FTP Website:
Username: Guest958, Password: FV8W06hK

Please advise what work you are coded for along with description.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to

Schiavone is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Colleen Connors-Casenta

(201) 867-5070 Ext. 7136

(000) 000-0000

150 Meadowlands Parkway, 2nd Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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