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Project Name
Replacement of Kosciuszko Bridge over Newtown Creek, Phase 2, I-287, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Bid/Contract #

Awarding Agency
New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)

Project Location
Long Island City, Brooklyn & Queens County, NY

Bid Date
05/24/2017 at 10:30

Project Details
The Work includes, in general, constructing new access ramps, auxiliary lanes, bridge replacement, drainage system, repaving of the mainline, retaining walls, sign structures, lighting, ITS equipment and landscaping.

Major Work Elements include:
Bridge Construction
- New Brooklyn and Queens approach structures consisting of PCEF girders, CIP Concrete footings, pier columns, cap beams and abutments, driven CIP piles, drilled shafts (Queens approach), CIP deck, barrier, fence, roadway lighting, fire standpipe and drainage.
- New cable-stayed main span over Newtown Creek consisting of steel edge girders, floor beams, precast deck panels, stay cables, cable shielding, anchorages, CIP concrete footings, anchor pier columns, cap beams pylons, driven CIP piles, drilled shafts, traveler, aerial beacons, navigation lighting, aesthetic lighting, roadway lighting, fire standpipe and drainage.
- New bridge over 54th Road in Queens consisting of steel girders, integral abutments, micropiles, CIP deck, barrier and roadway lighting.
- New bridge over 54th Avenue in Queens consisting of steel girders, integral abutments, micropiles, CIP deck, barrier and roadway lighting.

Retaining Walls
- Construction of new precast modular retaining walls at following locations:
o Brooklyn approach west abutment and along the north fascia of the bikeway/walkway from the west abutment to Varick Avenue.
o Queens approach east abutment, and the abutments at 54th Road and 54th Avenue.
o In Queens along the north fascia of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) from the east approach abutment to 54th Road, and from 54th Road to 54th Avenue.
o In Queens along the north fascia of the bikeway/walkway from the east approach abutment to 54th Road.
- Re-alignment and reconstruction of the following ramps in Queens, including pavement, barrier and roadway lighting:
o Ramp from eastbound (EB) Long Island Expressway (LIE) to WB BQE
o Ramp from westbound (WB) LIE to WB BQE
o Ramp from 43rd Street to WB BQE
o Ramp from WB BQE to Meeker Avenue
o Construction of a new bikeway/walkway ramp from the new WB approach structure to Laurel Hill Blvd. in Queens
o Construction of a new bikeway/walkway ramp from the new WB approach structure to Meeker Avenue in Brooklyn
- Construction of new highway segments, including pavement, barrier, drainage and roadway lighting as follows:
o New WB roadway from west abutment to Varick Avenue
o New WB roadway from east abutment to 54th Road west abutment
o New WB roadway from 54th Road east abutment to 54th Avenue west abutment

- New landscape along 56th Road and Laurel Hill Blvd. in Queens
- New landscape and plaza adjacent to the Meeker Avenue bikeway/walkway ramp in Brooklyn, and under bridge adjacent to Newtown Creek in Brooklyn
- Removal of areas of asphalt and replacement with full depth Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement in Brooklyn and Queens
- Removal of areas of hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlay and restoration of existing PCC pavement surface in Brooklyn and Queens.
- Realignment of Thomas Street between Gardner Avenue and Scott Avenue in Brooklyn
- Removal of a portion of the existing median barrier along the existing EB bridge, and placement of a new realigned median barrier
- New sign structures and striping
- New Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
The following utility work is anticipated as part of the project:
- Construction of new FDNY manhole structures in Scott Avenue and 56th Road, new FDNY 4 communication conduit from an existing manhole at the corner of Cherry Street and Scott Avenue, up and across the cable stayed main span to new manhole in 56th Road
- Realignment of Verizon/Empire City subway duct band and RCN utilities in 56th Road in Queens
- Relocation of fire hydrant at near corner of Scott Avenue and Thomas Street
- Installation of new sewer manhole and stormwater sewer pipe in Brooklyn, west of Scott Avenue
- Installation of new stormwater sewer from 56th Road to 54th Avenue
- Installation of new downspouts, splash pads, catch basins and connections to stormwater sewer system from Varick Avenue to 54th Avenue

- Partial removal of two (2) existing/abandoned foundations near Gardner Avenue in Brooklyn
- Partial removal of existing superstructure over 54th Avenue

Project Duration: Final Completion Date: April 24, 2020 (approximately 36 months)

DBE Goal: 14%
Subcontract/Supplier/Service Opportunities potentially exist for scopes of work that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
Construction Progress Photographs/Video
Temporary Facilities (e.g. portable toilets, trailers, etc.)
Office Supplies
Janitorial Services
IT Support Services
Inspection Services
Material Testing Services
Quality Control Services
Safety Services
Drug/Alcohol Testing Services
Environmental Services
Groundwater Treatment
Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Water Pollution Control
Clearing & Grubbing
Trucking/Hauling (hazardous & non-hazardous materials)
Earthwork (Excavation, Backfill, Embankment, etc.)
Aggregates, Stone
Asphalt Paving
Milling / Sawcutting / Grooving
Concrete Pavement Repairs
Support of Excavation (SOE)
Drilled Caissons, Drilled Piles, Drilled Shafts, Secant Pile Walls
Timber Piles, Drilled Piles, Dynamic Pile Testing
Soldier Piles & Lagging
T-Wall (retaining walls)
Cast-in-Place Concrete
Reinforcing Steel (including furnish, bend & install)
Precast Concrete
Corrosion Inhibitor for Concrete
Concrete Sealing
Stone Masonry
Structural Steel
Miscellaneous Metals
Modular Expansion Joint Systems
Painting / Coatings
Bridge Drainage / Utilities
Fire Standpipe System
Stay Cable & Related Systems
Drainage / Utilities
Concrete Barrier (CIP & Precast)
Fences / Gates / Guide Railing
Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs, Bikeways, etc.
Pest Control
Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MPT)
Marine Work (inc. Boat Launch Construction)
Vibration Monitoring
Webcam System
Sign Structures
Light Poles
Pavement Markings
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Video Camera/Video Detection Systems

The SmartBid database is set up, in part, utilizing the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) standard code system. Please note that you are NOT restricted to submitting a proposal for the particular CSI code(s) that may be included in your Invitation to Bid (ITB) as Invited Codes. You are welcome to submit a proposal for any scope(s) in the project that are within your firms area(s) of expertise.

If your ITB includes any code(s) that do not reflect what your firm does, and/or if you want to ensure that particular CSI codes are included in your firms database profile, please let us know. You can find the CSI code listing at various locations, including

Granite Construction Northeast, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to providing contracting opportunities to eligible and qualified designated classification firms, including but not limited to: disadvantaged, small, minority and/or women owned businesses, and we strongly encourage all qualified firms of any designated classification status to bid on this project.

To get access to the Bid Documents, please contact Kathie Donohue at

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Katherine Donohue

Project Estimator
Katherine Donohue

(914) 606-3600

(914) 631-1431

120 White Plains Road, Suite 310
Tarrytown, NY 10951

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