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Schiavone Construction Co. LLC

Outreach Coordinator

Elizabeth Sanchez

Contact Information

150 Meadowlands Parkway, 3rd Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094


(201) 867-5070


(201) 866-6132

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Schiavone Construction Co. LLC
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBE
Project Name

Bergen Point WWTP Outfall Replacement

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Suffok County Department of Public Works

Project Location

Babylon, Suffolk County, NY

Bid Date

06/08/2017 at 11:00

Project Details

Duration: 1,126 Calendar Days

Project Goal: M/WBE

Insurance: Required by Subcontractor

Buy American in Effect

PLA Agreement for this Project

Project: Suffolk County Sewer District 3- Southwest Outfall Replacement Babylon, New York. Capital Project No. CP. 8108

Please provide a price proposal to Furnish/Install or Supply your scope or supply of work including but not limited to work and jobsite delivery; all in accordance with and conforming to the project contract documents and additional requirements necessary to complete the work as specified herein. The referenced work scope shall also be performed to comply with the requirements of the project schedule, Milestones, including work staging and phasing, work restrictions and constraints, site access conditions and be coordinated with all other aspects of the project.

Provide References on past/current projects if you have not provided previously, along with your EMR.

SCC is bidding this project and solicits your participation in preparation of its bid.

Contract No. CP-8108: The work to be performed under this contract consists of the outfall replacement includes but is not limited to the replacement of the existing PCCP outfall pipe from the Bergen Point WWTP to the Barrier Island with an approximate 14,200 foot long tunnel lined with precast segmental liners . The new outfall will be tunneled using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and includes at the Bergen Point WWTP the replacement of the pipe and valves within the existing Final Effluent Pump Station, new site piping, gates, valve chamber, meter chamber, chamber 3B, launch shaft, staging areas, mucking area and site work plus at Barrier Island new site piping and valving from the receiving shaft to the new connection on the existing outfall, line stopping with bypass piping of the existing outfall plus sitework. The project also includes plumbing, HVAC and electrical work associated with the previously listed items. Site safety is a high priority on this project. The work includes obtaining all required permits, coordination with funding agencies (Federal, State and County) and meeting MWBE requirements.

It is anticipated but it is not guaranteed that work required by the Contract will include, but may not necessarily be limited to the following:

Scope of work: Coatings, Testing Laboratory Services, Pipeline Testing And Cleaning, Dewatering, Earthwork, Tiebacks, TBM Machine, Ground Freezing, Precast Tunnel Liner Segments, Seacant Pile Wall, Landscaping, Instrumentation and Monitoring Ground Movement, Precast Manholes, Jet Grouting, Pipes and Valves, Concrete Work, Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metal, Unit Masonry, Waterproofing, Doors, Windows, Signage, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Painting, Fencing, Paving, Flatwork, Very Small Architectural Building Package, Disposal muck & excavated materials, Testing Laboratories, and Progress Photos.

Schiavone Construction Co. LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to

The Bid Documents may be accessed for Free at:
a. Go to – powered by Jobsite Online
b. Enter your email address
c. Enter the password you chose when you first registered with our Bid Management System.
d. If you have NOT registered yet, enter the access code P23172-93 the password and then complete the on-line registration form.
e. If you have trouble logging in or have any questions please call our help desk at 866-2-JobSite (866-256-2748)
Or John Farley at (201) -438-1500

Company Name: ________________________________

Contact Person: ____________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone: _______________________

email: ____________________

Cell: __________________________

ATTENTION ALL MINORITY FIRMS – Please attach a copy of your certification with this form COMPLETELY filled out

______ Yes, we will bid

_______ No, we will not bid

______Yes, we are a union contractor

Please advise the agency you are certified with?


Please advise what work you are coded for along with description.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to

Schiavone is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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