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Are you bidding on a government contract in Ohio that has minority business and/or disadvantaged business participation goals? If so, we can help.

Since 2005, DBEGoodFaith.com has helped companies save time - and ultimately money - by identifying and soliciting on their behalf the certified DBE, MBE, & WBE subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors their bid requires.

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Ohio DBE Program & Certification
Companies bidding on State of Ohio (OH) contracts may be required to meet disadvantaged business (DBE) participation goals on individual contracts or make a good faith effort to meet the goals. As part of the good faith effort requirement, contractors must advertise subcontracting and supplier opportunities to Ohio's (OH) DBE community.

To become certified by the State of Ohio (OH) as a DBE, a company must meet the following criteria:
  • The business must be 51% owned by one or more socially and economically-disadvantaged individual(s);
  • The majority owner(s) must be from one of the following socially and/or economically disadvantaged groups: African American; American Indian/Native American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and/or Women;
  • The owner(s) must have technical expertise and experience relating to specific products and/or services provided by the firm as well as the authority to make day-to-day and long-term business decisions for the firm; and
  • The owner(s) must an individual personal net worth, excluding the value of their primary residence and assets of the firm applying for DBE certification, of less than $750 thousand.
To apply for Ohio (OH) DBE certification, eligible firms must submit an application to the Ohio (OH) Department of Transportation's (DOT) Unified Certification Program (UCP), which administers the DBE program.

Regardless of the certifying agency, the most common way that government agencies facilitate Ohio (OH) DBE participation on public contracts is by establishing DBE utilization goals on projects put out to bid. By doing this, prime bidders are required to make available and notify Ohio (OH) DBE-certified businesses of subcontracting, supplying, and/or vendor opportunities on the contract. Ohio (OH) DBE certification also affords disadvantaged businesses access to outreach events and workshops hosted by Ohio (OH) agencies, non-profits, and other organizations.
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